The Artist: Waleed Eissa "WILL",  based out of Los Angeles, California. Graduated from the "Advertising Arts College" which later became "The Art Institute" in San Diego, California.

"Art in all its forms is as important nourishment to humanity as food and water. In its various expressions, It brings to the universe an exploration of Limitless potentials of building worlds, brings forth Creations from imagination to potential realities. It brings us closer to who we really are." we

"This website was established with the main objective in providing a unique and innovative art work and designs in the most friendly of ways. While it is incredibly wonderful and satisfying to design for big agencies, brands and Studios, there can be no description rewarding enough in seeing the reaction on a child or loved ones face receiving a unique gift of artwork that is tailored specifically to their special interests, hobbies and what they love most. Therefore, here is where it can be accomplished, with the outmost appreciation in bringing this to anyone who appreciates art that speaks directly to them."

much love appreciation and deep gratitude

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