"Sports Illustrations"

In this blog post we are exploring the world of "Sports illustration art" in the examples provided with this post the artist is demonstrating how the art could be utilized to bring someone a lot closer to their favorite sport! ..By placing the subjects themselves directly to interact with their favorite sport or sports figures!

"In the soccer poster representation, the artist cannot take full credit for the idea, it already exists for the team of the Neverland! Not to infringe on any copyrighted material and lawsHowever, It was used only for personal use and not for public or commercial distribution. Since this is the subjects favorite team and Leo is the subjects zodiac sign! It was the perfect choice. that being said. Each subject can have their own favorite number represented on their Jersey, a name could also be displayed if applicable! or a patch representing their country as shown in the third sample provided in this blog! paying attention to personal details pertaining to each individual subject, can bring Joy when received as a gift! they'll be overwhelmed and Beyond ecstatic!:) If something inspires you and feel compelled to leave a comment. Please, It is encouraged to do so. To follow this blog, go to the websites "BIO" page where you can subscribe and get notified. Thank you